DJ Borhan

Toronto DJ entertainment specializing in wedding DJ services, Persian DJ mixes and Persian DJ services.

Web Design Work

Requested a website to display their different services provided and a strategy to increase leads from their previous website. Constructed a web design with over 30 pages and 50 portfolio posts. We also created a compelling web design formula that increased their business leads 250%.

Landing page built for each service and sub-services.

Powerful portfolio management system with filter and categorization for posts. Used to post updates on upcoming events and upcoming DJ mixes.

Created a separate site for a self-hosted blog. The blog would be linked to original site, however, it would have a different layout and functionality. Ads implemented on blog to generate more leads back to website and increase revenue off blog posts.

Digital Marketing Work

Achieved high engagement and quality local followers on Social Media
Achieved 1st page on Google for locally competitive keywords

From the client:

Work requested

1. Build brand awareness with Social Media.

2. Rank high on Google.

3. Manage PPC campaigns.



1. After analyzing DJ Borhan's target market and industry, we recommended a marketing strategy with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and FlickR Social Media channels.

2. We noted the wedding DJ industry in Toronto was a competitive field to rank high on Google. We recommended starting off with long-tail keywords and working our way up to the competitive but highly-rewarding keywords.

3. Offered DJ Borhan our $400 free PPC credit promotion and suggested a more direct PPC strategy than he had in place.



1. Integrated DJ Borhan's Social Media channels and raised the social activity 420%. New quality fans and followers were achieved by 135%, beating the client's target.

2. Over the SEO term, we achieved 1st page status for over 50 competitive keywords, from local to global searches. Conversion rates were up 504% at the end of the term.

3. After our optimization, Click through rates were up 3%, Conversion Rates were up 12%, Cost Per Click was down an average of $0.35 per click.

0.3% CTR Increase

Google 1st Page

CPC Down $0.35

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